Monday, August 15, 2016

23-Pound Package of Marijuana Falls From Plane Through Family’s Roof, Crushes Doghouse

Maya and Bill Donnelly woke up to a loud, crashing sound at their Arizona home in the border town of Nogales, thinking the boom was thunder from a lingering rainstorm before going back to sleep, authorities said.

So imagine the shock later that morning of Sept. 8 when they discovered a large plastic package in the destroyed remains of their German shepherd’s doghouse; a 23-pound parcel that police say contained about $10,000 worth of marijuana.

The illegal drugs had likely fallen from a smuggler’s aircraft that had taken off from Mexico, officials said.

“The package likely fell out of the sky,” Nogales Police Department spokesman Det. Robert Fierros told ABC News. “We have seen ultralight [plane] activity in our town before, but never seen a package that is assumed to be from an ultralight fall so close to the border.”
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